Radiation Found In Houston Drinking Water

After a four-month investigation lead by KHOU-TV,  which examined thousands of state laboratory tests provided by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), hundreds of water providers around the Gulf Coast region are providing their customers with drinking water that contains radioactive contaminants. The contaminants included alpha radiation, particles that raise health risks, according to state lab results and public health scientists.

“The alpha particle — this is the 800-pound gorilla of radioactive particles,” said Dr. David Ozonoff, an environmental health professor and chair emeritus of the Boston University School of Public Health.

He said drinking water with any amount of alpha particles, even when consumed in amounts below federal legal limits, raises your risk to develop health problems or, in rare cases, cancer. Examples of alpha particles found in the Gulf Coast region are those from uranium, radium and other minerals.

Ozonoff describes alpha particles as a type of radiation that would not typically harm you unless inhaled or ingested.  He warns, once you take it inside your body, your health risks immediately begin to rise.

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